HomeCheck Inspections Clients

Think of our professional inspectors as “house-interpreters”. We “listen” to your house then translate what it’s saying to you. We provide not only an assessment of the house’s overall condition but also detailed information on items that present health or safety hazards, need repair, require further investigation, or should be monitored. Whether buying or selling, our reports are impartial, thorough, and prompt. Contact us today for more information about professional home and property inspections, environmental assessments, or any other inspection concerns.

If you are a HomeCheck Client, click here to access your report. You will then be directed to another page where you can enter the password you received via e-mail on by telephone.

Your finished inspection is stored on our secure server where you can retrieve it any time using your password. If you have any questions or concerns about the report or inspection, please call your inspector, our toll-free number, 866-770-6379, or locally, 336-351-6653.

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Stephen Tilman,
President HomeCheck Inspections, Inc.